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Agostino Stili

University College London, UK

“Towards Devices With Robot Vision”
Andrea Cherubini

Cosmo Intelligent Medical Devices, Ireland

“AI-Enhanced Diagnostic Colonoscopy: Lessons Learned From The First FDA-Approved Device For Real-Time Video Analysis”
David Thomas

Massey University, New Zealand

“The Low Invasive Methods Currently Used To Optimise Cat And Dog Nutrition: How Can Gut Robotic Capsule Technology Transform The Pet Food Industry”
Ebu Avci 

Massey University,
New Zealand

“Gut Microbiota And Robotic Capsules“
Eric Diller

University of Toronto, Canada

"Magnetic Sampling Capsule For The Gut"
Giovanni Traverso

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

“Ingestible Robotics In A Few Movement”
Hrishikesh Deo

Ergami Endoscopy,

“Low-Cost Robotic Colonoscope Insertion Solution To Improve Procedure Productivity, Reduce Patient Pain, And Reduce Endoscopy-Related Injuries In Physicians”
Mouna Ben Salem

Université De Technologie De Compiègne, France

“Miniature Robots For Treatment And Diagnosis Of Pathologies In The Gastrointestinal Tract”
Pietro Valdastri

University of Leeds, UK

“Magnetic Tentacle Robots For Enhanced Endoluminal Access”
Rahim Rahimi

Purdue University, USA

“Smart Ingestible Capsule For Spatial Sampling Of Gastrointestinal Microbiome”
Torrey Smith

Endiatx, USA

“Virtual Endoscopy In The Stomach Using Swimming Robot Pills”
Yang Liu

University of Exeter, UK

“The Locomotion Of A Vibrational Capsule For Lower GI Examinations”