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9:00 am

Opening Remarks
(Ebu Avci, Eric Diller & Pietro Valdastri)

Mechanisms (Chair:Eric Diller)

9:10 am

Agostino Stili
(University College London, UK)
“Developing the SoftSCREEN System – A Soft Shape-shifting Capsule Robot for Endoscopy based on Eversion Navigation

9:30 am

Mouna Ben Salem
(Université De Technologie De Compiègne, France)
“Miniature Robots for Treatment and Diagnosis of Pathologies in the Gastrointestinal Tract

9:50 am

Yang Liu
(University of Exeter, UK
The Locomotion of a Vibrational Capsule for Lower GI Examinations”

10:10 am

Morning Tea

Systems (Chair: Ebu Avci)

10:40 am

David Thomas
(Massey University, New Zealand)
“The Low Invasive Methods Currently used to Optimise Cat and Dog Nutrition: How can Gut Robotic Capsule Technology Transform the Pet Food Industry” 

11:00 am

Giovanni Traverso
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
“Ingestible Robotics in a few Movements”        

11:20 am

Pietro Valdastri
(University of Leeds, UK)
“From Medical Capsule Robots to Magnetic Tentacles: A Fantastic Voyage”

11:40 am

Lunch Break

Sampling (Chair: Nikita Greenridge)

1:15 pm

Opening Afternoon Session

1:20 pm

Ebu Avci
(Massey University, New Zealand)
“Gut microbiota and robotic capsules“

1:40 pm

Rahim Rahimi
(Purdue University, USA)
“Smart Ingestible Capsule for Spatial Sampling of Gastrointestinal Microbiome”

2:00 pm

Eric Diller
(University of Toronto, Canada)
“Magnetic Sampling Capsule for The Gut”

2:20 pm

Contributed Paper Highlights

3:00 pm

Afternoon Tea + Poster Session

Industry (Chair: Pietro Valdastri)

3:30 pm

Torrey Smith
(Endiatx, USA)
“Virtual Endoscopy in the Stomach using Swimming Robot Pills” 

3:50 pm

Hrishikesh Deo
(Ergami Endoscopy, USA)
“Low-Cost Robotic Colonoscope Insertion Solution to Improve Procedure Productivity, Reduce Patient Pain, and Reduce Endoscopy-Related Injuries in Physicians”        

4:10 pm

Andrea Cherubini
(Cosmo Pharmaceuticals, Ireland)
“AI-Enhanced Diagnostic Colonoscopy: Lessons Learned from the First FDA-Approved Device for Real-Time Video Analysis” 

Discussion (Chair: Pietro Valdastri)

4:30 pm

Panel Discussion
(Translation to clinics and commercialisation of smart capsules)

5:10 pm

Closing Remarks
(Ebu Avci, Eric Diller & Pietro Valdastri)

5:15 pm